Guide to choose the perfect soundbar for our Smart TV

The evolution of televisions has led to fine screens and high image resolutions but sound does not always accompany. Therefore, a sound bar is a good complement. Do you know which one is best for you? We explain how to choose the sound bar for your TV.

Who should get a soundbarTo get the best experience with our television when watching a movie, a series or a football game, sound is a fundamental ingredient. Of course much more important if we also reproduce music taking advantage of its multimedia capabilities. Today we are going to review the world of sound bars with the guide to choose the perfect complement for our Smart TV .

Because it is the ideal complement to gather comfort of use, and also in the installation, with the sound quality that will help us to round off the experience that we enjoy in front of the television. If we are already talking about a curved TV, the sound bar will help us immerse ourselves even more in the immersive experience that these models offer us.

Why choose a soundbar and not a complete speaker system?

In addition to image quality, one of the reasons why the flat TV has triumphed is its design and the space it occupies. And now that we have our device installed in the wall or we have looked for a narrower furniture to locate it, install a complete speaker system, where perhaps there is no space or it is very fair to place various items may not be the most desirable.

The sound bar is much more compact and aesthetic , with less wiring and easier to install, but thanks to the internal distribution of the speakers it is able to fill the whole room with music. Its system emulates the sound of more complex speaker systems, causing the sound to have a bouncing effect on the wall to achieve that enveloping effect.

With a subwoofer, or without a subwoofer?

In any sound system it is advisable, as far as possible, to differentiate the reproduction of the three ‘main channels’ of frequencies. And this we achieved, as we said earlier, with dedicated speakers for treble, medium and bass. Then, yes, it is recommended that you come with a subwoofer, and also with a tweeter.

What power should my soundbar have?

It depends on where you are going to use it, mainly due to the size of the room and the environmental noise. In any case, we are talking about self-powered HiFi sound systems, and the peak power is not a very important value. The fundamental thing is to review the RMS power, and it is recommended that the set deliver around 150W.

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