SOUND BAR with subwooferThe speakers that come pre-installed in smart TVs are of very low quality, as a rule. It is not a secret, nor is it something new, but we have been seeing it for many years. Now, the trend is to mount an additional sound system consisting of a sound bar, which already incorporates several speakers for high, medium and low frequencies. But how do I choose one or the other soundbar? This is what you should keep in mind, and some interesting models.

The evolution of televisions has led to fine screens and high image resolutions but sound does not always accompany. Therefore, a sound bar is a good complement. Do you know which one is best for you? We explain how to choose the sound bar for your TV.

The sound system of the teles is good but not outstanding, so if we want to enjoy a complete experience we will choose to install an independent audio system according to our Full HD screen, LED or the new 4k formats . Thus, we can choose a complete Home Cinema but also opt for a sound bar , a simpler system but not for that reason of lower quality.

The sound bars offer good performance and power to create a sense of surround sound . It is a kind of rectangular box with speakers inside – and in some cases with an extra speaker, the subwoofer -, easy to connect and with a more compact design. In the market there are a lot of models, in a wide range of prices with an infinity of designs that fit well in any room. Given this variety, before choosing one, we must take into account some key aspects .

Connection type
The type of connection can affect the sound quality resulting from our bar. There are connections by cable , optical or HDMI . The fewer entries, the easier the connection will be, although you have to make sure you have the necessary inputs to connect to our television.

On the other hand, there are also wireless connections , via WiFi , Bluetooth or NFC , which usually offer lower quality. It is always better to connect the TV to the cable bar in any of the systems mentioned above.

If you want to do it wirelessly , better if you can create a private connection.

Wireless connections, of course, are an extra because they allow us to play other devices, such as listening to songs on our mobile or tablet . They are also more aesthetic to avoid cables occupying space everywhere.


Of course, another point to consider is the power of the desired bar. We must be clear about the place where we are going to place our bar , with how much space we have and the ambient sound that may interfere. We must look for the RMS power to reach at least 150W to cover an average stay.


Beyond allowing an impressive sound for movies or programs as well as when streaming music , high-end sound bars can have additional features such as ‘voice enhancement’. This function keeps the volume of the dialogs constant and reduces the intensity of the sound effects. In this way it is possible to hear clearly even the faintest whispers .

Another function can be the ‘night sound’ , which enhances the softer sounds and automatically reduces the intensity of the loudest when listening to the audio at lower volumes. Ideal not to disturb the neighbors with our film sessions (or video games) at night.

As for the future, the Internet of Things enters fully into the sound bars and is already beginning to test its compatibility with intelligent assistants . This combination will make it much easier to change the mode, choose a song or any of the functions of the audio system.

With a subwoofer, or without a subwoofer?

In any sound system it is advisable, as far as possible, to differentiate the reproduction of the three ‘main channels’ of frequencies. And this we achieved, as we said earlier, with dedicated speakers for treble, medium and bass. Then, yes, it is recommended that you come with a subwoofer, and also with a tweeter.

So are the sound bars, and these are their main differences

Best Sound Bars for 2018Leaving aside the design and its dimensions, which have little to do with the quality of sound, there are other factors that we must review when we are going to buy a sound bar. First of all, we must know that most are designed to reproduce high, medium and low frequencies in differentiated ‘channels’, that is, independent loudspeakers.

On the same bar are mounted speakers for medium frequencies and the ‘tweeter’, which are responsible for the highest frequencies. And independently, a subwoofer with its own soundboard for the lower frequencies.

We should look at how many speakers and what type, the maximum power and RMS power, and of course in the connections with the TV, which can be provided by Bluetooth / WiFi without the need for cables, HDMI or an optical connector. The best sound quality will be achieved with wiring, although the Bluetooth / WiFi can be especially convenient to place the bar wherever you want.


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